Welcome to Sooke Transition Initiative



The main aim of the Transition movement is to raise awareness of sustainable living and build local resilience in anticipation of climate change, peak oil, and economic uncertainty. A resilient ecosystem can withstand shocks and rebuild itself when necessary. Resilience in social systems has the added capacity of humans to anticipate and plan for the future.

Communities are encouraged to seek out methods for reducing energy usage as well as reducing their reliance on long supply chains that are totally dependent on fossil fuels for essential items.

Central to the Transition Town movement is the idea that a life without oil could in fact be far more enjoyable and fulfilling than the present: “by shifting our mind-set we can actually recognise the coming post-cheap oil era as an opportunity rather than a threat, and design the future low carbon age to be thriving, resilient and abundant.” (Who we are and what we do, R Hopkins & P. Lipman. Transition Network. Feb 2009)

An essential aspect of Transition is that the outer work of transition needs to be matched by inner transition. In order to move down the energy descent pathways effectively, we need to rebuild our relations with our selves, with each other and with the “natural” worlds.

Please visit http://www.transitionnetwork.org for global info. See http://transitionvictoria.ning.comfor regional info, and email sooketransition@gmail.com for information about the new Sooke Transition Initiative.




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2 responses to “Welcome to Sooke Transition Initiative

  1. Dave Court

    Looking forward to the next seminar about building a chicken tractor. http://home.centurytel.net/thecitychicken/tractors.html
    Will have to chose one of these.

  2. Our three hens are excited by these new chicken tractor ideas, too! Cluck back into this website soon for an update on the date and time of the backyard hen workshop — it will be in September sometime!

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