Solar: T’Sou-ke & Chez Court

T’Sou-ke Nation Solar Tour
June 23, 2010
Aerial view of the photovoltaic system
(click photo to see more)

Dave Court’s Solar Furnace DIY Workshop
August 29, 2010
Putting the assembled and painted tubes in place
(click photo to see more)

10 thoughts on “Solar: T’Sou-ke & Chez Court

  1. Hi good job on the website. I would like to be on a group involved in alternate energy for homes and transportation. Looking forward to seeing everyones ideas.

  2. Hi Gord. Yes, we will have to encourage those interested in the Energy part of things to get together and make a plan. It was good to meet your horses the other day.

  3. Looks like a good meeting coming up. One of the members, Larry is going to bring his car that is 100% electric.

  4. Forwarded from Larry….
    I attended a Saanich Sustainability EV seminar at Pearkes Recration Centre. John Stonier from Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association gave a 2 hr. presentation. He was excellent! (I took my car into the rec. centre and parked it in the lecture hall so everyone could see it.) One of the things he delt on was electric car plug-ins. Eg: If you go to a restraunt and plug your car in for say one hour while you eat you will use about 1000 ahr. (8 amps at 120 volts) or 1 kw of power and at $0.08 a kw. comes to less than 10 cent! So basically it cost the restraunt nothing and is a great come-on for anyone with an electric car! The same applies to malls etc.

  5. Also from Larry.. re electric car charging; The other thing he pointed out was when you buy an electric car which is basically maintenance free (no oil changes etc.) you are also buying 5 years of fuel. If you spent $200 per month on fuel (a very low estimate), extended, it’s $2400 per year or $12,000 for 5 years. You also have maintenance (oil changes etc.) at $200 per year equals $1,000 for 5 years. So add the two together and knock $13,000 off the price of the car ($35,000) and you are left with $22,000, not bad for a new car AND you save another $2600 every year you own it!
    If you bought a regular car For $22,000, in 5 yeras you add $12,000 for fuel costs,and, $1,000 for maintenance, comes to $35,000. Then you add $2,600 every year you own it. Great argument for getting an EV!!


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