Permaculture Demonstration Garden

In 2014, Transition Sooke took a first step in launching a Sooke permaculture demonstration garden.  Local permaculture designer Jonathan Francoeurand was contracted for the work, and homeowners Adam and Cheryl Noseworthy provided the front yard.  Progress to date has been slow for a variety of reasons, but the garden has been well thought and the vital role of patience in the permaculture process is certainly at play!

In February 2015  Jonathan and our Stephen Hindrichs conducted a “mini-blitz” on the property. “We softened the angle of the Hugelkultur bed and seeded field peas, crimson clover and some broccoli and kale,” said Stephen at the time. “Then it got a light covering of compost with straw on top of that to help retain moisture. I then added some old deer fence netting to temporarily keep the birds from scratching up the seed. A great start and perfect cool damp weather to be seeding.”

On the summer solstice in 2015, a dozen people gathered at the Sooke Road property for Sooke’s first Permablitz. The day was spent creating garden paths and growing beds using compost, manure, cardboard and wood chips. A delicious lunch was provided with ample time to relax and socialize. Adam and Cheryl are now taking over as they develop a perennial food garden that serve their family well while also serving as an inspiration to others. As one organization dedicated to the permaculture movement puts it: Let’s grow food not lawns! 

Here’s a one-minute video of our June 21, 2015 permablitz along with a few photos:


Above: Growing squash while eliminating weeds and grass (2014)


Jonathan making the hugelkultur berm (February 2015)


First permablitz: Constructing pathways (June 2015)


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