Wild Wise Sooke

Who we are

Wild Wise Sooke (WWS) was founded in conjunction with Transition Sooke and in partnership with the District of Sooke, the BC Conservation Officer Service and neighbourhood ambassadors. We are a volunteer run wildlife educational program working to promote coexistence between the Sooke community and our wild neighbours.

Our mission

To reduce human-wildlife conflict in the community through public education.

Our contact information

Call Wild Wise:  250-880-8371
Email:  wildwise123@gmail.com
Website:  wildwisesooke.com
Visit us on social media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We encourage you to report all human-wildlife conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP)

Reducing Conflict

Living in Sooke means living in close proximity to many wild animals. It is our responsibility to learn how to coexist and this means managing our attractants to prevent habituation. Habituation reduces the natural fear towards humans which could lead to unpredictable and potentially dangerous behaviour. To prevent this from happening, we all must work together to reduce conflicts…

Garbage: Garbage is the #1 attractant for bears… habituated garbage bears can become bold, unpredictable and potentially very dangerous. It is imperative to store garbage in secure location (like a closed garage) until the morning of collection to prevent habituation. This will keep the bears wild and the community safe! Please also freeze organic waste to reduce smell and only put out to the road the morning of collection.


Bird feeders: Many Sooke residents like seeing birds in their backyards. We recommend planting bird-friendly plants to provide a natural food source for birds as having bird feeders is not always beneficial to the birds- as this common feeding ground, feeders can lead to disease spread and ease of predation. They can also attract other animals as well such as rodents, raccoons and even bears.

Livestock: Predatory animals like bears and cougars may be attracted to your home if you have unsecured livestock. A properly maintained electric fence is a proven method of reducing conflict and loss of livestock. Message us for details!

BBQ: Clean after every use and store indoors when possible.

Fruit trees: Pick your fruit before it ripens and prevent windfall. If you have fruit trees that need picking or would like fruit for pies/baking, contact WWS to put you in contact.

Beehives: Attract wild animals, ensure your yard is protected by an electric fencing to keep out wildlife.

Compost: Avoid putting meat, cheese and other smelly foods in your compost. Aerate frequently to prevent odours from attracting wildlife.

BBQ: Clean after every use and store indoors when possible.

Keep a clean yard and STASH YOUR TRASH!

For species-specific information, to request a sign or if you are interested in volunteering — contact us!

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