Zero Waste Sooke





This new Transition Sooke/Awareness Film Night co-venture met for the first time at the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre on Feb. 25. Inishoge Farm’s Steve Unger has stepped up to coordinate the citizen’s initiative.

They have been busy crafting their mandate and vision statement while also setting a few achievable short-term goals. A public education campaign promoting the 5Rs of the zero waste movement – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot in that order – is a priority. Some of the big-picture possibilities: Might Sooke one day be recognized as a model Zero Waste community? Can we effectively educate the next generation about the importance of waste reduction (and, through them, their parents)? Can we turn our local waste resources into jobs? Can we find a property and support the establishment of a recycle depot, free store and composting centre?

Later this year a community open space meeting dedicated exclusively to waste management issues will be organized by Zero waste Sooke and Transition Sooke.


If you want to join this inspiring initiative, please contact us! A website is in the works, but for now please visit the organization’s Facebook page.


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