TS Topics

Like Transition Towns elsewhere, Transition Sooke has been created to address three main issues: climate change; economic instability; and our society’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels.  These three topics are closely interwoven. We seek to unbind the twine and take personal and collective action in finding alternative ways to live happier, more balanced and sustainable lifestyles in our own hometown.

As has been famously said, much can be accomplished by a small, committed group of people. We hope to do likewise while collaborating with, supporting and/or celebrating like-minded allies in Sooke.  The following are some of our areas of interest. Click on each link to discover more about the subject as well as how individuals, businesses and community groups in Sooke are engaged.

–  Energy and climate change: fossil fuel descent planning, green energy jobs and initiatives, transportation priorities and energy conservation

Food security: supporting local farmers, community gardens and food garden education programs

Cultivating a smaller footprint: Zero Waste principles, cycling, transit services, permaculture and conservation. Click here for tips on everyday actions NOW!

Intentional Wellness: The “inner transition,” wellness practices and alternative healthcare.

Alternative Economics




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