Transition Topics

A Transition initiative aims to create a resilient society in response to three main ills of this time: fossil fuels industry, climate change and economical instability. These three topics are closely interwoven and need to be evaluated on a bigger scale than just the transition town itself. However, there is a lot of power in a community and grass roots movements have shown that a lot can be accomplished by a small, committed group of people.

Since we cannot always rely on our governmental bodies to tackle the problems adequately and on time, we better work out solutions for ourselves and generations to come.

Typical areas of interest for a Transition Initiative are

–  Energy and climate change: fossil fuels descend, green energy ascend, transportation, energy conservation

– Alternative (local) economy

– Food security: supporting local farmers, community gardens, growing your own food

– Reducing your ecological footprint: permaculture, nature conservation, waste management

– Intentional wellness: inner transition, alternative healthcare




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