Intentional Wellness

Transition thinking doesn’t only apply to physical, outward changes in our lives and society. It also delves deep into our own inner worlds as we come face to face with our social conditioning, family patterns, inherited belief systems, cultural norms and our own psychological shadows. This so-called “Inner Transition” is a vital, challenging often life-long journey that becomes possible as do our work individually and with the support of family, friends, peers and the community.

A few links of related interest: 

* The Transition Network’s Inner Transition webpage

* Transition Town Totnes Inner Transition page + Sophy Banks ‘Heart & Soul’ video

The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly (excerpts from the book written by a group of authors led by organizational learning expert Alan Briskin)

The 12 Principles of Spiritual Leadership (derived from a presentation byWill Keepin, president of the Satyana Institute in Boulder, Colorado)  


Local resources: 

* Sooke Family Resource Society 


* Sooke Therapeutic Yoga Society 

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