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Archive of previous newsletters:

From 2013-16, former board member Sofie Hagens produced a monthly newsletter, an archive of which you’ll find here. Thank you Sofie!

Newsletter April 2016

Newsletter February – March 2016

Newsletter January 2016

Newsletter December 2015: to a wondrous 2016

Newsletter November 2015

Newsletter September – October 2015

Newsletter August 2015

Newsletter July 2015

Newsletter June 2015

Newsletter May 2015

Calendar Mid April 2015

Newsletter March – April 2015

Newsletter February 2015

Newsletter January 2015

Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter November 2014

Newsletter October 2014

Newsletter September 2014

Newsletter July – August 2014

The period between January and July one of the creators of the newsletter was travelling through Indonesia. Members were kept up-to-date  via a monthly email.

Best Wishes January 2014

Newsletter November – December 2013

Newsletter October – November 2013

Newsletter August – September 2013

Newsletter July – August 2013

Newsletter June 2013

Newsletter May 2013

Newsletter April 2013

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