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Agenda – May 1, 2019

1. Additions/changes to agenda
2. Approve minutes for April 3 meeting
3. Sooke Climate Emergency Response Day – A Saturday in August – A proposal by Ann Clement


  • Climate Action Committee represented by Jo and Susan Clarke – Plans for May 6 gathering at Harbourside and what we want to accomplish
  • Outreach through Sooke Market beginning with May 4 kickoff. Volunteers?
  • Zero Waste Sooke: Single-use plastic ban set to be dealt with by Sooke Council on May 6? Show support by showing up. How did cleanup go?
  • Speakers Series: Dahr Jamail presentation June 4 – Susan Clarke and Jo
  • Open Space event previously proposed to explore actions that make sense – Carol and David. When can we put this on? June at the latest. Who to facilitate?
  • Ecohome Tour in August?

5. WEBSITE UPGRADE – status – Alan



  • Global Climate Strike May 24. (Michael away 11-26 May)
  • Any word from Wild Wise Sooke?
  • Grant writing training group
  • What about Starhawk? at Ecovillage June 28-July 10

Meeting Minutes – March 6

20 people attending.  Convened at 7:00 pm

Acknowledgement of meeting on unceded T’Sou-ke land

1: Agenda change to have Item 8 moved to Item 4 OK

2: Approval of minutes of the last meeting on February 6th, 2019

    Moved: Bernie; Seconded: David Mallett; Approved with the correction of Alan Dolan’s name


  • Review of the Multi-Belief meeting on March 2nd at the Baptist Church by those that attended. Of note: Mayor and two councillors attended.
  • Call for carpooling for March 7 talk by Dr. Robert Clifford in Metchosin resulted in a good turnout of Sooke folks. He is a professor of psychology at UVic who specializes in exploring the resistance to taking action about climate change. Kara Middleton also spoke about how our love and care for the earth and our fellow humans can mobilize us to action. 3 students from Pearson College stole the show with their elegant presentation on how our youth population wants in on solving the crisis before us. After all, they will be the ones to pick up the pieces not too far down the road.

         —Climate Cafe organizational meeting plans:

  • Climate Cafe Committee meets at 2119, Melrick Place at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 18th
  • First cafe March 23 at Jenny’s Kitchen (Church and Sooke Road) 10 a.m. to noon
  • Possible cafe with EMCS students during solar installation tour in cooperation with Andrew Moore. Also we want to be available to work with youth as opportunities arise.
  • Posters for the meeting on the March 23 distributed
  • Dahr Jamail, author of a new book “The End of Ice” (2019) is being approached about a TS-sponsored tour of the island. Jo and Susan to approach other groups to set up a tour under the TS umbrella. Full proposal at next meeting (April) with budget for approval

        —EV Extravaganza update from Carol MallettLocal, affordable EVs as well as top-of-the-line models

Opens with talk and discussion in theatre. Then moves out of theatre to talk with owners.

ZWS will provide coffee mugs, hot water, and tea. Coffee from The Stick. Volunteers needed for the day. Kara Middleton to organize (volunteer coordinator)

         —ZWS Community Clean up 20-21 April. Wendy organizing

         —ZWS Repair Cafe 20 April 10-2  Bernie organizing

4:      TREASURER’S REPORT (see attachment 1)

      David to pay for domain name renewal and be reimbursed


    After some explanation from Alan Dolan, a budget was approved for professional services arranged by Alan to update our website.

     A motion was presented to authorize a budget of $800 (10 hours at $80 per):

  • David moved for Alan to go ahead
  • Paula seconded
  • carried by floor vote


  • Patrick appeared before Sooke Council; sent report for attendees which included
    • proposed a Food/Land Trust Fund –passed by Sooke Council
    • multiple groups support purchase
    • next step—off to next layer of government
    • TS needs to keep a close eye on this. TS to sponsor a meeting of all/as many as possible of the interested parties


Much discussion from the floor on who gets to make decisions and how. There was some recognition that the Board elected at the AGM should have some say in making decisions as required under the Societies Act, particularly on financial matters. Yet the steering group works together to make things happen and we want to maintain the fluidity and innovative tone of our collaboration together. One possibility would be to carry on as we do now but when we have to spend money, we do it by presenting a motion which is moved and seconded and voted on. This is followed by a call for board members present (a minimum of 3 as a quorum) to confirm the vote by a show of hands. If anyone opposes the motion, their reasons should be noted in the minutes. The motion, mover, seconder and the vote itself should be recorded in the minutes. Maybe we can try it and see how it feels.

8:      REPORT FROM WILDWISE (Samantha Webb)

         Wildwise has expanded its activities to Shirley, East Sooke, and Otter Point, with a possible expansion into Metchosin. Upcoming meetings:

  • Otter Point meeting March 17, 7 pm
  • East Sooke meeting March 22, 7 pm
  • Shirley—no meeting date set yet

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm