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Meeting Agenda – September 4, 2019

Meeting Minutes – July 3, 2019

21 in attendance

  1. Three additions to the agenda. Minutes of the May 28 meeting passed by motion – moved by Lynn and seconded by Wendy.

2. Quick go-around – introductions

3. Ann Clement (from Harbourside) made some suggestions about getting involved in the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the District of Sooke as a municipality on August 17 organized by the DOS and the Sooke News Mirror. Anyone interested in collaborating with Ann can contact her:  Zero Waste Sooke may also be involved.

4. A sharing circle based on the six stages of grief — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, Meaning — took the group until the break to complete. This process was used successfully to debrief from the excellent presentation by Dahr Jamail at the Climate Emergency Group meeting on June 13. While challenging for some folks, overall it seemed to be a good way to build connection and support among the group.

5. New Green Deal Town Hall – 22 June at Community Hall – 53 people gathered to make this event stimulating and very educational. The data produced is still being uploaded to Green New Deal website. Jo and Susan will be organizing a meeting on 7 pm, Wednesday, August 7 at Harbourside c/o Wynn LeComte 250-642-7490 E-mail: We will be involved in the next stage of the GND Town Hall in September so this meeting will be about planning for the next Town Hall.

6. Zero Waste Sooke was recognized for being part of getting the ban on single use plastic bags in Sooke which happened at a Council meeting on June 10. ZWS will be present at the Market and somewhere else sometime in the summer.

7. Moki will be away from July 15 until the end of August. He will keep in touch with Jo and Susan.

8. We received the proposal to be involved in hosting an all-candidates debate for the Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke riding on October 7. It was felt that such a gathering should really happen in the middle of the riding in Saanich.

9. A presentation by two medical doctors about the current nuclear threats was tabled until the fall – maybe after the election.

10. An invitation to an event related to the Communities in Bloom program was set aside as being not of interest to our group.

11. Ride sharing – Paula reported on the possibilities of setting up a ride sharing network in the Sooke Region based on what is happening in the Kootenays especially in Nelson. Correspondence and a services agreement were supplied by Paula. This issue will be tabled until the fall. Thanks to Paula who also suggested that we might be able to get a grant to pay for the costs of setting up a network ($1,500+).

12. David gave the financial report. We are in pretty good shape. We are still expecting a bill for the cost of upgrading the website.

13. Alan reported that the website upgrade is just about complete. Take a look at:


Rainwater Catchment Systems – Sue Lidster

Divestment of Fossil Fuel Investments – Jo Continue to advocate through liaison and communication with all three levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal. Support circle to help people cope as changes start ramping up

Next meeting set for Wednesday September 3 at Harbourside

Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2019

18 attendees;

  1. Agenda change and approval of minutes.

Minutes of May 1 meeting; moved by Michael and seconded by David – approved

2. Financial Report: Things are fine – report moved by David and seconded by Alan – approved

3. Speakers Series: Dahr Jamail to speak also to members of Council and staff

Holy Trinity rental $50; Event insurance $50—but covers Transition Sooke for all events at Holy Trinity Anglican Church for rest of year

Donations at the door. All donations to go to speaker. If our share of expenses is higher, we’ll cut a cheque at the time.

Volunteers needed for handling the welcome table, selling books, setting up the sound system and serving refreshments.

Arrangements have been made for Dahr to meet Jeff, Tony and a staff person from the District of Sooke on Thursday

4. Climate Café: Discussion about how to move forward – pending the presentation of the next item

5. Report on the Green New Deal Town-Hall in Fernwood. 10 people from Sooke. More than 300 in attendance. Deb report: very exciting! Diane report: Does TS need to get more political? More pressure on local and provincial government?

Discussion returned to Climate Café: The next climate cafe set for June 13 at Harbourside could be an organizational meeting for Sooke Green New Deal Town Hall or a debrief of the Dahr Jamail event. To be determined

6. Forest Action

Michael talked with Bruce Fogg (John Horgan’s Executive Assistant) as a representative of Transition Sooke expressing our opposition to the cutting of 4 blocks of old growth forest near Port Renfrew. One such block was very close to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. We understand that the auction was stopped. Kara (Sierra Club) and Debb (Dogwood Sooke) did not attend.

7. ZWS – Bernie (Wendy away) Council was approached about-single use plastic ban. Staff to delay by “studying” sample bylaw to make sure what is most effective. Council itself seems onside.

8. Website – Alan  In final stages of upgrade

9. Other business:

Several people including Michael and Wendy have applied for the DOS Climate Change Action Committee

Event insurance ~$200/event or $1000/year. We will continue by event.

Caitlin put forward a proposal for the creation of a Sooke Rideshare based on Kootenay Rideshare. Web infrastructure CC licensed. Decision to move forward with this.

Eco-Home tour to be postponed for a year.

Adjourned 8:50 pm