Official Community Plan and Climate Emergency Team

To get involved in the OCP and Climate Team, contact Susan.

Presentation to Sooke Council

Since August 2020, a group of Transition Sooke volunteers has been meeting to determine how best to ensure that Climate Change is addressed in Sooke’s Official Community Plan (OCP) review.

On September 14, 2020, volunteer Susan Belford of the OCP and Cimate Action Team made a presentation at a regular meeting of Sooke Council.

Download the presentation here.

Meeting with Dialog Consulting

On October 28, 2020, members of the OCP and Climate Emergency Team met briefly with Dialog, the Vancouver consulting firm undertaking the OCP, along with Sooke’s planners. We followed up with additional written feedback.

Notes from the meeting and the follow-up feedback can be downloaded here.

OCP Video Stars

Want to be a video star?

The District of Sooke is drafting an Official Community Plan (OCP) to guide and direct development over the next ten years. Transition Sooke wants to reach out to a broad range of citizens (youth especially!) and find out what they think.

We have a series of short questions and we are asking Sooke residents of all ages to make videos of their answers. What do you like about your neighborhood? What don’t you like? What do you think of the rate at which Sooke is growing? 

Transition Sooke will highlight some of the video results on social media and will use others to stimulate discussions at an online Town Hall meeting. To learn more about Transition Sooke’s OCP Video Stars, please send an email to Alan.

Download guidelines for being an OCP Video Star.