Sunday, Dec. 2: Dialogue about the local economy continues @ the Transition Town Cafe

Join our gang of regulars and a rotating cast of drop-ins this Sunday @ the Reading Room for the next Sooke Transition Town Cafe. You’re welcome anytime from 2 to 4 p.m. for lively debate, friendly chinwags and excellent food and drink courtesy Kathy and her crew.

December’s focus will pick up on themes discussed at last weekend’s STTS Public Forum on the Local Economy, which generated loads of wildmind ideas and some realistic proposals for the near future – notably a potential “resident’s card” program run through the Chamber of Commerce that will give holders price breaks and special incentives when shopping at local participating merchants.

The possibility of a local Sooke currency, the need for better high-tech infrastructure, cooperative business models and more food security initiatives were also discussed.

STTS chair Michael Tacon and several of last weekend’s participants will be on hand to share insights and lead the debate. Please drop by and add your thoughts on these ideas and contribute others on how we can better support existing business in Sooke and kickstart the local economy.

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