Sooke joins the collaborative consumption revolution


Streetbank brings home the delights and practical value of that old truism “share and share alike.”  Local residents are invited to join the Sooke chapter of this remarkable, UK-based, internationally operating collaborative-consumption collective. The local group currently involves 26 Sookies  sharing 46 useful items – a utility trailer, food dehydrator, cider bottles, woodworking & gardening tools, books (in English & German), DVDs, volunteer dogwalking & babysitting services, and much more – with each other within town limits.

Register for free and join one of the smartest solutions yet to building community while taking a stance and opting out (in some small but meaningful ways) from the consumer culture’s message that we all need at least one of everything.

Register online at

Or learn more by visiting the Transition Sooke/Streetbank table at the Awareness Film Night screening of Trashed, Wednesday, Nov. 10  at EMCS.

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