Make Cycling a Priority for the BC Government

BC On The Move: A Ten Year Transportation Plan

The BC Government is accepting feedback and submissions for their 10 year transportation plan. We need your help to make the plan more bicycle friendly.

We encourage you visit the website here and:

1) Fill out the online survey here. When prompted to give 3 priorities for the transportation plan, here are some suggestions:BC_04B

  • Increase provincial funding for the Bike BC Program.
  • Enhance Cycle Tourism Opportunities and infrastructure, similar to Quebec’s Route Vertes.
  • Better safety and alternative routes for cyclists travelling via highways, such as protected bike lanes.

If you have more energy and want to have a bigger say, you can write the ministry calling for greater investments in cycling infrastructure in BC. Here‘s a great sample letter from BC Healthy Living Alliance.

For more info check out the BC Cycling Coalition‘s website.

But don’t delay: the deadline is December 12th!


A big “Thank You” from all cyclists for your consideration!


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