Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2019

17 people present

  1. Approval of minutes for April 3 meeting; moved by Michael and seconded by Sinclair. Passed.


Account balances were shared along with details of expenses, income and remaining monies yet to be received ($250 from Emotive Grant after final report and the budget are filed). Report attached to these minutes.

3. A PROPOSAL FOR A SOOKE EMERGENCY RESPONSE DAY presented by Ann Clement who lives at Harbourside and is active with the Sooke Shelter Society. Ann laid out her ideas for the event. She got a fair bit of feedback from those present suggesting that the timing for a celebration rings a bit hollow when we are all working hard to figure out what exactly we can do to make inroads on the climate change crisis within Transition Sooke and in relation to the community of Sooke and its elected council. Once we have got things moving actions wise, we can see how we can use that progress to show there is indeed hope that we can make a real difference. The matter was tabled for future reference. Ann was thanked for her time and effort to put the idea together.


* Climate Cafés: Jo spoke on behalf of the committee about the plan for the next gathering on May 6 at Harbourside which will be a brainstorming session focusing on actions we can take and a check-in to share our personal and emotional reflections on climate change and how we are feeling in the world.

* Volunteers at the Sooke Market to look after a table for Zero Waste Sooke and Transition Sooke: Arrangements were made to cover as many market dates as possible over the summer. Diane offered to check out the museum Thursday market possibilities

* Zero Waste Sooke: Wendy gave report of the activities of the group including a very successful Repair Cafe and a delegation to Sooke District Council about banning single use plastic bags on April 23. Council announced that this issue will be addressed in May. The community cleanup at the end of April did not happen because there was simply no support or traction. This raised the issue of having a critical shortage of volunteers for ZWS. Wendy underlined the importance of having lots of time to begin announcing events well ahead with lots of reminders as we get close to the actual event. Next meeting is scheduled for May 15th at 7 pm at Sooke Library.

* Speakers Series: Dahr Jamail event is being handled by Susan Clarke and Jo. All set for June 4 at the Trinity Anglican church. Michael working on signing up with the church and the insurance. Michael also raised the issue of how Jamail handles the more extreme aspects of the climate crisis. Given the sensitivity of this issue, it was suggested that we are left with the important question to ask ourselves: “HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE!” Regarding setting up another opportunity to interact with Jamail beyond the church program, it was felt that there may be several Sooke councillors and others around available to meet with him. Lily mentioned that the posters are coming and need to be distributed.

* Ecohome tour in September? Michael to contact Stephen Hindrichs to see if he can rustle up some sites for the tour. Pick a date very carefully avoid clashes with events in September.


Alan reports that the upgrade is just about complete. Final payment due once our consultant is finished.


* Michael announced that he is away May 11- 26.

* Global Climate Strike (Future Extinction Rebellion) is set for May 24 in Victoria at the Legislature.

* Invitation for Starhawk to come and speak on the theme mentioned earlier – In the face of extreme climate disruption HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE? Michael will contact Jo and Stephen to check this out with Starhawk June 28 – July 10 at the Ecovillage (within those dates or before and after?).

* The subject of Transition Sooke having a yearly based insurance coverage plan rather than the current occasional purchase of coverage for specific events where risk is a factor. Michael will consult with Jeff and bring any details back to the Steering group.

* Woodside Farm acquisition: At meeting on April 24 it was stated that the CRD would need to purchase Woodside Farm. How do we support the CRD to do that?

* Tim Horton’s invasion of Sooke. Conversation led by Sinclair raised many difficult and frustrating questions about this situation. It was felt there is little we can do except to write letters. Sinclair is working on this. Michael had to “force quit” the meeting.

Meeting adjourned

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