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  1. Captions:
    Photo #2: Our Jo Phillips (check shirt) and Christa Rossner were positioned at the Stick to greet the first wave of ticket buyers early on Saturday morning.

    3. Dave Evans (centre) and Viridian Energy Cooperative’s Steve Unger greet one of their first visitors on a very wet Saturday morning

    4. Inside a toasty warm tiny home with Dante Chicano (left), builder Forest Adam, Monique (representing a group of Victorians interesting in developing a micro-home community) and Sooke’s Shiela Wallace.

    5. Martin Bissig (left) leads another tour of his Kemp Lake Road home built by KC Natural Homes’ Keary Conwright

    6. One of Jan Johnson’s sculptures at ALM Organic Farm points the way …

    7. Homeowner Stephen Hindrichs (left), volunteer Carolyn Bateman and Steve’s Henlyn Drive neighbour Brian MacNeill (who was showcasing Sun-Mar composting toilets).

    8. Lee and Stephen Hindrichs

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