Video & Dessert Night @ The Little Vienna: Stephen Hindrich’s playlist

In case you weren’t able to gather with the lively crew at the Little Vienna on Feb. 16, here’s the full playlist of videoclips presented by Stephen Hindrichs. Once you’ve selected a clip, either watch it on your mobile device or switch the setting to “desktop” for full-screen playback. Thank you Stephen and the Little Vienna’s Susan Nyikes for your hospitality, and to all who turned out for a lively, inspiring and conversationally rich evening.
1. Co-Housing Ecovillages around the World

2. Growing Food One Million Gardens
3. Enlightened Simplicity Masanobu Fukuoka
4. Permaculture by Sepp Holzer
5. God made A Farmer ad
6. God made a Farmer Spoof
7. Where the Hell is Matt
8. Hugelkultur 60 seconds
9. Doing it ourselves
10. Two Options
11. Low tech High impact Bio Char
12. Community; How to create your own Village
13. The Story of Streetbank

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