Rainwater Harvesting and Management Workshop – Nov 2, 2019

Concerned about our water supply in the Sooke Region?  Come to Transition Sooke’s Rainwater Harvesting and Management Workshop on Saturday November 2, 1-4 pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 1962 Murray Street in Sooke.

This workshop explains the rationale for rainwater as a resource and gives instructions on Best Practice HOW-TO’s in developing a workable and sustainable harvesting system. Applications such as irrigation and other outdoor uses, as well as indoor and potable uses for rainwater and water management, are covered. The workshop is based on the CSA B805-18 / ICC 805 2018 “Rainwater Standard” which is expected to become a prime reference document for municipalities across Canada.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ken Nentwig, an educator with Gaia College (courses also offered through Royal Roads University) and a consultant with the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management.  Ken develops and facilitates online courses in Rainwater Management and the CANARM RWH Certification Program for Canada.

Sue Lister, one of the organizers from Transition Sooke, explains the need for this workshop: “I’ve experienced well water running dry in seasons lacking rainfall and I see the benefits of harvesting.  I am concerned about the effects of climate change on the rainfall pattern in the Sooke Region.  Instead of the slow but steady rainfall throughout the winter months, we are now seeing shorter, but more torrential rainfalls. This type of rainfall does not allow water to penetrate into the ground. Groundwater wells, especially in the Otter Point area, are running dry. We need to look at ways to capture and conserve rainwater for irrigation and potability.” 

This workshop falls within Transition Sooke’s goal of drawing on local knowledge, skills, and resources to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and to deal with the impacts of climate change, thus building a more resilient and sustainable community.

Anyone  interested in the topic of capturing and conserving rainwater is welcomed to attend. Donations will be gladly accepted.

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