Meeting Minutes – Oct 2, 2019

  1. Welcome. Indigenous Territorial acknowledgement. Round of names.

2. Agenda had 2 additions. Minutes of the last meeting on September 19, 2019 were approved by motion to accept said minutes: moved by Moki and seconded by Robin. Passed.

3. Review of the 29 September Community Action Workshop: 70-75 people attended with lots of enthusiasm and creativity in the air. The table facilitators went through a brief training session the day before. Thanks were expressed for the three keynote speakers in the first hour or so. While the morning session carried on, quite a few people left to attend the Orange Shirt ceremony organized by the local T’So-uke First Nation nearby at the kiosk in Evergreen Mall. This event was meant to remember victims of the 60’s scoop and well as the residential schools all over Canada. Kudos go to Bernie and the kitchen crew who prepared an excellent lunch. Much appreciation goes to Alan and Susan Belford for facilitating the whole day and making it a fine success.

The afternoon was made up of 13 tables each with facilitators and several participants, some of whom came and went. The session ended with a plenary part where the champions of each table briefly covered what went on at their table. All of the flip chart records of the day were assembled by Susan Belford who agreed to compile the written record of every group for future work. Overall the day seemed to go very well and now the real work begins as we seek and figure out what comes next. How will the 13 teams move forward?

4. Financial Report – David

Treasurer went over our balances held in three main accounts: main Chequing; Zero Waste Sooke; Special Events (related to Earth Day event for April 2020.) with a grand total of $7830. Donations collected amounted to $245 cash. Genrally we are in decent shape.

5. Any feedback and comments about previous recent events: Speed-dating for Sooke council candidates: a moderate success with about 50-60 people dropping in to talk with the candidates. 27 September Climate Strike in Victoria in front of the legislature: estimated crowd of 20,000 with many of us in attendance – quite a thrilling event! Sooke Council approves the sign about Sooke as a Compassionate Community to be displayed at the kiosk in Evergreen Mall: 4 members of our Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative were present when the Sooke Council approved it.

6. What lies ahead and needs to be organized: October 3: All Candidates debates on Climate Change for our riding. One of over 100 debates happening all over Canada. Metchosin Community Hall from 6-30 to 9 pm. October 9: Awareness Film Night c/o Jo Phillips presents a film PUSH October 11: Federal All-Candidates meeting made possible by the collaboration of Transition Sooke’s Multi-Belief Initiative and the Sooke Region Chamber of  Commerce. This is designed to be a non-confrontational debate. EMCS Theatre 7 – 9 pm. Decided not to have a TS display table. October 16: Crafting supplies swap and ZWS meeting October 20: Zero Waste Sooke Repair Cafe November 2 Workshop on Rain Water Harvesting by Ken Nentwig championed by Sue L and Robin. Budget estimated at $400. Support?

7. Other business: What’s next on Ridesharing Initiative? It was suggested that Paula should invite some more people to work together on this idea. Then they could prepare a proposal to bring back to the general meeting for support and approval. It would include a presentation to the Sooke District Council.

What’s next on the Pesticide Education Group? The petition to ban cosmetic pesticides now has 250 signatures. Maybe we can take the issue to Council in January?

Chris Moss on behalf of Lifelong Learning told us that three spaces have opened up in their January schedule; January 8, 15 and 22, 2020. He invited us to come up with a program possibly based on the activities of the 13 action teams formed on September 29. Several people have stepped forward to get involved so we can take advantage of this opportunity.

8. Getting photographs of our activities: It was suggested that we encourage the taking of photos of our activities and that we ask someone to do this at every event.

Next meeting: November 6 at Harbourside, 6683 Horne Road.


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