Meeting – November 6, 2019

Minutes of Transition Sooke General Meeting held 6 November 2019

~22 attending

Acknowledgement of the meeting taking place on traditional lands of the

T’Sou-ke First Nation.

Introductions around the circle.

Request for changes to the agenda (none)

Motion to accept minutes of the last meeting (2 October, 2019)

Moki moved/David M seconded/passed

Treasurer’s report

Sinclair moved the purchase (at Alan D’s request) of two flip chart holders.

Total cost ~$120

Dianne B seconded/passed

Treasurer’s report presented by David and accepted.

Report about Rainwater Harvesting workshop by Sue Lidster

Ken Nentwig presented a practical and detailed workshop to a diverse and keen group of 43 participants plus 10 TS members. Kudos all round for a job well done especially by organizers Sue Lidster and Robin Zabloski. It is worth noting that attendee Tony St. Pierre is also on the CRD Water Committee.

Reports requested from other 13 action teams coming out of the Community Action Workshop

(9) Green Energy (GE) group – Andrew Moore and Lily Mah-Sen

Green energy group doing a Lifelong Learning (LLL) session. Also in talks about a GE handbook in conjunction with the T’Sou-ke Nation. Proposed study tour of the GE initiatives on the T’Sou-ke lands. Meeting to be held first Monday of each month. Proposal for a GE library.

(11) Green Lifestyle (individual action, reskilling for resilience) – Yvonne Court

Planning meeting upcoming

(10) Climate Angst/Youth Outreach – Jo, Moki, Diego

-Healing circle: 4 sessions from 19 Nov to 10 Dec. 5 people registered. Will take place downstairs at Harbourside and is based on the book “Active Hope”.

-Youth outreach in the new year 2020

(7) Transportation with Heather Phillips, Bob Stamp, Susan Belford, Ivan Harrison and David Mallett

Have met. Looking at various projects (info/polling table, bike paths).

(5) Zero Waste Sooke (ZWS) – Wendy O’Connor, Bernie Klassen, Paula Johanson, Ivan Harrison

Ongoing projects. Excellent attendance at Craft Materials Swap evening. Proposed clothing swap. Repair cafés.

(13) Water (conservation, grey water, sewage) – Diane Bernard, Don?, Sheryl Travis, Tony St.Pierre

– *Tony on CRD Water Committee. CRD to do workshops

NOTE: 5 groups did not check in – they are:

Food security and local agriculture

Habitat and Species Protection – Christina Schlattner, J.Ocean Dennie

Divestment from fossil fuels – Susan and Jo

New Economic Model – Alan Dolan

Direct action – Jack Gegenberg

Report from the Community Action Workshop is on draft v.4 Due for release soon. Susan Belford handling this. Much appreciation to Susan!

Establishment of a 2020 Earth Day working group: Champion: Anne Clement with 5 volunteers

Lifelong Learning and Transition Sooke – TOWARDS A GREEN ECONOMY

Collaboration to create a series of short presentations (30 minutes) by Climate Champions to highlight what various action teams are doing- January, 2020

Christina Schlattner is substituting for Alan Dolan until ~10 December

Wild Wise Sooke- no report available

Multi-Belief Initiative/Compassion Charter: plaque unveiled at town kiosk on November 6. Ongoing initiatives

Car Share initiative: presentation to council should be prepared so grant money can be applied for – Paula?

Next meeting to be a Christmas potluck at 5:30 pm-meeting to follow at 7 pm

Meeting concluded ~8:45 pm

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