Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2019

Minutes of Transition Sooke General Meetingheld4 December, 2019

20+   attending plus new attendee Kiefer Elliott

Acknowledgement of the meeting taking place on traditional lands of the T’Sou-ke First Nation.

Introductions around the circle.

Request for changes to the agenda.

Motion to accept minutes of the last meeting with two corrections. Moved by Moki and seconded by David. Passed.

President’s Christmas Address

Moki talked about the unique circumstances of this time in the human journey and as we move into 2020 we begin a decade that will determine the future of our civilization – for better or worse. We have this incredible opportunity to work together to make a difference right here in the Sooke region.

Treasurer’s Report

David stated that our current balances in our accounts are basically unchanged. We received a request from several members to make 2 donations of $200 to the Moonfist Support Fund to help with his medical costs. Moonfist is connected to ZWS being a tireless volunteer cleaner who has kept Sooke’s streets tidy. He also participated in the formation of the Sooke Multi-Belief Initiative. There was a unanimous response to provide the funds: $200 from our main account and $200 from the Zero Waste Sooke account. Treasurer’s confirmation letter on file. 

Earth Day Planning Group

Ann Clement spoke for the group about being at the brainstorming stage. She is looking for multi-group collaboration to make it possible to include an eco-fair component to the day supported by Transition Sooke. She is proposing a study group based on the work of Starhawk through her empowerment program to help the group come together. Several people expressed interest. It was also mentioned that Starhawk may be once again teaching at the Eco-Village near Shawnigan Lake about this time. Stephen Hindrichs and Jeff may be able to make contact with her.

The question was raised about the actual date of the celebration. Ann suggested that on April 22, which is a Wednesday we will feature a vigil honouring our home the Earth.  The main event will take place on Saturday April 25. There were some suggestions about including collaboration with local First Nation people as well as offering some activist training. The Lifelong Learning (LLL) organization may be involved.

Community Action Workshop Action Teams

Note: 13 action teams were identified following the September workshop. Five groups checked in this meeting. Future general meetings will continue to follow the progress of the action teaams and we hope that each initiative will be represented by a champion or contact person. Please let Moki know if you have anything to report on so we can include it in the agenda.

Team 3 (Habitat and Species Protection of the Forest and Ocean)

Christina spoke for this group with some helpful input by Kara and Ocean Dennie. This is a huge area to deal with but very timely given the sad state of the fisheries and the forests. This group, while still forming, is looking at the possibility of holding a “forest” focused town hall which would invite experts and local politicians to address where things stand and what needs to change. Some concern was expressed about the Sooke Hills Highway proposal to upgrade the Malahat portion of Highway #1.

Team 4 (Divestment from Fossil Fuels Companies)

Jo spoke about the research that she and Susan Clarke are working on. A workshop on this topic is being developed.

Team 7 (Transportation)

Susan Belford spoke to this initiative. 7 people are interested in this area. Mention was made of the latest moves by B.C. Transit to up their game in the Sooke area. The master transportation plan for the Greater Victoria will need to be reviewed. This initiative may cover more than public transportation by including trails, cycling infrastructure, ridesharing, encouraging electric vehicles, etc. Working with Sooke District Council and staff will be important.

Team 10 (Climate Angst and Focus on Youth)

Moki announced that he will be running a healing circle as part of addressing the human challenges that climate change brings.

Group 12 (Direct Action)

Jack Gegenberg

Lifelong Learning with Transition Sooke – Towards a Green Economy with Climate Champions

Chris Moss announced that this series of talks will be go ahead January 8, 15 and 22 at Seaparc with group champions sharing their intentions and knowledge about their chosen initiative.

Draft Version 5 Proceedings Report – From Sooke Town Hall to Action Teams

Congratulations to Susan Belford for her hard work to get this 31 page document done. Capturing the collective wisdom and creativity of the groups

is such an important piece.

Wild Wise Sooke

Samantha Webb reported that all is well with WWS. Stable funding and expansion of services to Metchosin, etc. were mentioned.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is at 7 pm, Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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