Draft Meeting Minutes – January 8, 2020

Minutes of Transition Sooke General Meeting

8 January, 2020

27 people attending

Acknowledgement of the meeting taking place on the traditional lands of the T’Sou-ke, Pacheedaht, and Scia’new First Nations

Introductions around the Circle.

Samantha Webb offered to take notes.

Moki asked for permission to record the session. No objections.

Some additions to the agenda accepted.

Bev moved motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting seconded by Lily.


  1. Earth Day 2020 Planning

David spoke on Ann’s behalf since she was feeling unwell. The group is still looking for input and ideas. Ann is planning to invite other team champions to offer ideas that they might want to contribute to the project. (Editor’s note: This planning group is meeting at Harbourside on Saturday, January 18 at 10 am until noon. All welcome.)

2) Treasurer’s Report – David

Because of his contribution to Sooke and Transition Sooke as a volunteer doing street cleaning, Moonfist was given funds to help him through a medical challenge recently. Two cheques for $200 were provided from the main Transition Sooke and Zero Waste Sooke accounts as approved in our last meeting.

Bank balances: Main TS Account: $4,939.11; Zero Waste Account: $1,197.51; Special Events Legacy Fund: $1,314.40

3) Webpage update -Alan

Thanks to Christina Schlattner for filling in while Alan was away. Recent growth in “membership” numbers amounts to 418 subscribers many of whom sign up on the website. They average over 40% opening of e-mails which is a high number. Alan explained about what’s involved in being on the active members list which allows more dialogue between active members. He also mentioned that he has set up a page for Climate Emergency that summarizes the 13 Action Team Initiatives. Internet security issues were raised and discussed.

4) Considering EngageBC and CleanBC – Moki

Moki and Susan pointed out some of the limitations of the CleanBC proposals for tackling climate disruption put forward by the NDP government.

To quote from an email from Susan and Diane: “The government wants a document to show that they are moving ahead with adaptation to climate change and it asks constituents to answer questions on how the government can help with the consequences of the very fossil fuels it is supporting”. It shows that this government is playing the very same game as the Liberals. Supporting and subsidizing the fossil fuel monster while promising to cut emissions in other ways. It is as if “they can have their cake and eat it.”

There is a seven-page article by staff lawyers Andrew Gage and Deborah Carlson entitled “Tell the BC government we need a REAL plan to prepare for climate change” put out by West Coast Environmental Law. Now this is more like what we really need! Go to their website: www.wcel.org

5) Climate Action Team reports:

Green Energy

Lily reported that this team had had three meetings and came up with 4 goals:

1] Advocate for a Green Energy vision for Sooke;

2] To develop an education and communications plan;

3] Watching brief to vet policy changes in Sooke working with Council;

4] Carry out the necessary research.

Members are: Lily, Sheryl, Andrew, Keiffer (Elliott) and Beth (Lange)

The team meets on the first Monday of every month. They found out that Sooke has a 2013 Community Energy and Emissions plan designed to get to zero emissions in the DOS operations by 2020! Fat chance! The DOS is doing an emissions inventory now and this team will look into this matter. Sheryl is also going to speak with Tony St. Pierre, chairperson of the Sooke Region Climate Action Committee, who told her to do more research on the case for reducing or banning the use of natural gas in new buildings. Once that is done, the next step is to prepare a policy to be vetted by the membership of Transition Sooke at a general meeting before presenting it to the DOS Council.

In discussion with Jeff Bateman, it was revealed that the DOS is looking at the B.C. Step Code with step 1 being education and awareness raising. Out of this idea came a proposal to work on building a collaborative relationship with the T’Sou-ke First Nation. It is proposed to have a Solar Panel Tour and Workshop (including an indigenous ceremony ) hosted by Andrew to take place on February 8. Maximum number of participants is 25. Sign-up sheet circulated.

Lily also mentioned that several NGOs and educational groups are collaborating on producing a handbook on how to create a sustainable community in the context of climate change. They have a Powerpoint program that they will be using for their presentation to the Life Long Learning (LLL) program at Seaparc. It will also be available for other showings – maybe even to a General Meeting! They are also working on a newspaper article about what they are doing.

Fossil Fuel Divestment – Susan C and Jo

The team is preparing to do a presentation for the LLL program. After that they will be meeting to develop a workshop.

Transportation – Susan Belford

The team (8 members at this point) meets on the first Monday of the month. They are also doing a presentation for the LLL program. They are planning to develop a display table set up for showing at community events dealing with transportation issues in our region. One person came to one of our meetings with well thought out ideas and designs for bicycle infrastructure on Highway 14 and Otter Point Road.

Rainwater Harvesting – Sue Lidster

Their team just delivered a presentation at the LLL program. They want to follow the example of the Nanaimo Regional District by encouraging citizens to take rainwater harvesting seriously to bring this idea to the Capital Regional District and the Juan de Fuca Electoral District. They want to get Tony St. Pierre on board as well as possibly the District Climate Change Action Committee.

Climate Angst and Healing Circle – Moki

The healing circle is due to start on January 14 and go for 4 sessions until February. 10 people are signed up. (Editor’s note: First session had to be postponed owing to inclement weather. We plan to go ahead on the 21).

Zero Waste Sooke

This group is proud to announce that the two grocery stores have stopped using plastic bags. A proud moment!

Diane Bernard requested support for Climate Change Action Committee as it appears before Sooke Council on January 13. (Editor’s Note: This request was withdrawn.)


6) Some words from the President – Moki

He asked if anyone is interested and willing to facilitate these general meetings. Alan and Susan Belford would be good choices with their professional backgrounds. It was agreed that they try rotating the role with Alan, Susan and Moki and see how it works. He also announced that the AGM would beheld in late February. Moki spoke of the possibility of stepping down as President at that time. At the same time, he said he intends to continue to be involved in our mission together.

7) Lifelong Learning (LLL) collaboration – Chris

Chris gave a glowing report on how well the Lifelong Learning program is going with special mention of the series of presentations by our action group champions under the banner: “Toward a green economy – Climate Champions.”

He also talked about some of the other offerings. Moki mentioned the Transition Town presentation by Mary Coll who knew Rob Hopkins in Ireland in the early days of what became the Transition Town movement – that’s us folks.

8) Two-hour workshop on Volunteering Trends. Samantha will attend this workshop put on by the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre and report back.

9) Need to have access to a sandwich board. Moki put out a request for a sandwich board to be made by a willing person to be used for TS events. Chris Moss volunteered. Thanks Chris.

10) Seedy Saturday – February 29, 2020

There was good energy and enthusiasm to go ahead and have a table at Seedy Saturday on February 29. Yvonne and David will take this on with support by

others pitching in to do shifts.


Saturday January 11 – rally at the Legislature – Susan

Local Gov’t Interface Network – Susan

United Nations Interfaith Harmony event on 5 February at EMCS – Don

Next meeting set for Wednesday February 5, 2020 at Harbourside at 7 pm.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Sooke Transition Town Society Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:30 pm in the great hall at Harbourside Cohousing when all Board members step down and a new Board is elected.

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