Meeting Notes – Feb 5, 2020

Transition Sooke General Meeting

Feb 5, 2020

27 attending

1. Opening

Facilitator – Alan

Territorial acknowledgement

Jan 8, 2020 minutes. Draft minutes not to be posted to social media.
When a Susan is minuted, there needs to be an initial.
Moki moved to accept minutes. Robin seconded. Approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report

No change in the financial status from last meeting. Reminder to get approval and then rent a venue. David moved for acceptance. Susan C. seconded. Approved.

3. Earth Day (ED) plans – Ann
Events will take place over several days: clean up, vigil, and event at community hall.
Action teams need to decide how they want to participate–soon!
Moki to approach Harbourside about a recycling table/display.
Funding currently under control as budget being developed.
Committee could help action teams get funding’
Moki: district grant should be pursued NOW.
Dianne: council favourably disposed to ED grant.
Yvonne to see about getting raffle status.
Questions around funding discussed generally.

4. Climate Emergency – Susan C and Jo
a) Green lifestyle–Yvonne
~ 8 people at last meeting
Discussions held at people’s homes are fruitful, this will be the ongoing model.

b) Forests and Oceans–Christina
Planning a Forests forum for April 7 (Note: now May)
Requested funds for EMCS rental, deposit, publicity, etc.
Maximum funds draw of $600 moved by Bernie. Seconded by David. Approved

c) Green Energy–Lily
Nine members after Lifelong Learning (LLL) presentation. Developing the LLL presentation into an editable, multi-audience presentation.
Working on a partnership with Sooke branch of VIRL to encourage self-education on green energy issues.
Planning presentation to council on adopting the STEP program for new housing,
Planning participation in ED.
Proposed that $50 go to a local artist. Moved by Lily. Ann seconded. Approved.

T’Sou-ke tour Saturday 08 February
Next meeting 1 March 2020

d) Divestment – Susan and Jo
LLL presentation. Research underway. Next meeting February 6,  Larger team is needed

e) Rainwater Harvesting–Robin
LLL presentation
Next meeting at Sue L’s Feb 17, 1:30-3:00
What kind of presence to have at ED to be discussed

f) Climate Angst/Connecting with youth
Local artist would like to do a mural with local students
Would like to apply to VanCity for a grant
Would like to know if TS would be a sponsor for the grant proposal
Motion proposed to create an ad hoc committee to establish criteria and procedures for TS to sponsor groups or individuals applying for grants. Jo moved. Seconded Lynne. Approved.

ad hoc committee: Lily, David M, Paula

g) Climate Angst
Next (final) group meeting is 25 February with possibility of another set of meetings

h) Transportation
February 10 a cycling proposal goes to council’s committee of the whole

5. District of Sooke Climate Action Committee (CAC) – Susan C, Diane, Christina

Christina: Council is open to suggestions from TS on policies to pursue
Patrick raised the question of a local food policy
Contact is Christina
Susan C described how the committee is set up. Pressure should be on council who will then refer it to the CAC for discussion and proposals
Next meeting date on website

6. Awareness Film Night – Jo talked about the evening on Feb 12 including a partnership with Tugwell Honey and Meadery

7. Seedy Saturday (Feb 29) – Table booked, David and Yvonne to staff it, David M and Carol to help. Questionnaire on carbon budget to be offered to attendees. Volunteers welcome

8. Zero Waste Sooke – Bernie to book hall for a Repair Cafe the day after the ED event in the hall. Talk to council about reserving land for a local recycle and composting yard single use replacement storage discussed

9. Pesticide Education Group – Alan Table at Pollinators film on Feb 12 and Seedy Saturday if possible. Perhaps share the TS table presenting the pesticide petition before the Committee of the Whole end of March

10. Wild Wise Sooke – Sam presented a quick overview of what WWS is doing. 15 people attended a recent recruitment meeting “Bear Country” sign installed by highway on eastern approach to Sooke. Signage now also in bus stops. Attend every fair and festival possible. Social media presence and web page overhaul. In-school program going very well. Working group with District of Sooke, Volunteers welcome

11. TS AGM Feb 26, 7 pm Harbourside. Susan B to be asked to run the election

12. Announcements – Proclamation from UN multi-faith initiatives. Patrick says the Eco Academy for grade 9-10 students is now in place It needs 25 students to run, so talk it up See the EMCS website

13. Arno quickly updated the group on electric cars and “harmless housing” Would be available to do longer presentations

Adjourned 9:20 pm

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