Minutes of General Meeting – March 4, 2020

Transition Sooke General Meeting

March 4, 2020

19 attending


Territorial Acknowledgement

Added item to new business

Feb 5 minutes. Motion to accept: Bernie. Second: Paula. Approved

No significant change to financial status. Report as per Societies Act filed and was accepted

Recap of AGM. Notes to follow

New board members introduced

Policy on TS sponsorship

Heather: question as to “types” of members. Who is a member and do we need some type of policy? Discussion around what defines a member. Proposal to establish an ad hoc committee: Alan.

Membership ad hoc committee: Hester, Heather, Sue L, Susan B, Bernie

Examples of WildWise Sooke and ZWS already applying for grants using the TS society number–both are sub-groups of TS.

Finance policy and procedures ad hoc committee: Sam, David, Chris

Decision making ad hoc committee: Alan, Bernie, Hester, Susan B

Original ad hoc committee was thanked for their work and that committee (with new members) has morphed into Finance policy and procedure

Earth Day: Ann: update, call for ideas Moki: Harbourside is in for recycling display. update on April 22 event (vigil) to take place at the Baptist church sponsored by multi-faith initiative Deb: direct action and legal observer workshops are on

Climate Emergency

Green Energy action team Cheryl: presentation to council on disallowing natural gas in all new builds. Reviewed and presented to TS. Discussion around presentation. To be presented March 23 at 7:00 pm

Review of the Climate Action To-Go kit available from the library. Displayed and discussed


Forest and Ocean action team: Andy McKinnon to speak at event on May 05, 7:00 pm

Green Energy action team: pocket news article recap. T’Sou-ke Nation tour had ~18 people. Life Long Learning program being developed for the fall. Sooke Green Energy Vision 2030: reduce 50% by 2030. Reduce 100% by 2050. GEAT is developing a 10-year plan and is looking for input from other teams

Transportation action team: survey ready on transportation needs and desires. To be released on the Survey Monkey platform. There was a presentation to council on cycling in Sooke.

Rainwater Harvesting action team: Contact with Gord and Ann Baird at Ecosense. Tour of off-grid house. Next meeting 15 March.

Food and Agriculture action team: Stephen Hindrichs has offered to champion. Inaugural meeting 7 March at 10 am

Divestment action team: Meeting March 5. Sending a letter to all local banks and credit unions asking about their exposure to fossil fuel companies. TS to endorse the letter: Moved Bernie. Second Jack. Approved

No report from District of Sooke Climate Action Committee

No report on Seedy Saturday (TS table)

Library has requested another craft swap. Knitters and library have joined ZWS to sponsor the event. Next one to be held during Earth Week: April 21, 2020 6:30-8:00pm

Pesticide Education Group: more signatures gathered at Seedy Saturday. To present to the Sooke District Committee of the Whole.

Wild Wise Sooke: 2020 planning meeting: 15 March 1-3 at the fire hall. In-school program continues. Focus this year on wolves following population increase. “Caution Deer” signs available

No announcements

Regular roster of TS attendance at Council meetings: Hester to champion Need words to do a callout in newsletter


Next meeting April 1, 2020

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